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Reconciled Voter Representation

Part of the Voter Registration and Participation program. How will the voter identity be reconciled in the application across these jurisdictions? Is voter identity always (for all states) governed by federal law? Different privacy regulations?

BLOOM, the open-source LLM

BLOOM is very relevant to us and some of our affiliated developers will participate in the development of BLOOM. How can we best distribute the knowledge about BLOOM and the various ways it can be used in SD-AI?

Independent national charters

What would be the structure of our teams, projects, and collaborations across national boundaries: UK, Germany, France, India, Japan, Australia, … What charters do we have for various countries?

GitHub Repository Security Policies

Decide on the granularity of security policies for GitHub, namely: all of SD-AI, individual projects, individual repositories. Decide on policies for inviting outside collaborators, etc…

Updates on the AI Bill of Rights

The intent of the current blueprint is to “help guide the design, use, and deployment of automated systems to protect the American Public.” Are the technical companions that accompany the 5 principles in the blueprint sufficient?

Nonprofit access to the OPT-175B model

According to META AI’s press release, “access to the model will be granted to academic researchers; those affiliated with organizations in government, civil society, and academia; along with industry research laboratories around the world”. What SD-AI projects would benefit from using OPT-175B?