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Executive Team

Adrian Zidaritz


Adrian Zidaritz is the founder of SD-AI (Stronger Democracy through Artificial Intelligence). The notes from his work as a data scientist are the basis for a collection of 18 articles about Artificial Intelligence on the website aibluedot. The website is read daily by hundreds of people around the world and much of the impetus behind SD-AI comes from communications originated on aibluedot. Adrian has a PhD in Mathematics from the University of California Berkeley. Links to his various profiles are here.

At this time (August 2023) the SD-AI website is just a template. New developments in AI as well as new political developments in the US require an updated evaluation of our mission. For example, the increasing strength and usage of the Large Language Models (LLMs) and the Congressional hearings about them will undoubtedly impact many topics on the SD-AI website, as well as various organizational decisions.

Secondly, because democracy is at the center of all that we do, we wanted to launch our organization through a grass-roots effort instead of a top-down approach, perhaps showing a bit of naivete. With that wish in mind, we are now more active on social media and are collecting input from many people of various backgrounds, some technical others not.

The link below takes you to a template for various positions in the organization. All the names shown currently under these positions are fictitious; they are there just to allow you to navigate the site and see how the profiles for various contributors will be accessed. If you are interested in any of these positions, please write us at the address shown on the News page.

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